Holenderska gmina Coevorden zaprasza do ewentualnej współpracy./ Dutch municipality of Coevorden invites You to possible cooperation.

We would like to send you an enquiry from the Dutch municipality of Coevorden that would like to exchange experiences with border and cross-border regions regarding cross-border business parks with the aim to check if there could be also a possibility to initiate a project regarding this subject.

In the municipality of Coevorden and its German neighbour municipality Emlichheim, there is the cross-border industrial park „Europark Coevorden GVZ-Emlichheim GmbH“. In practice, the industrial park is confronted with several problems resulting for example from the different legal regulations in the Netherlands and in Germany. The municipality of Coevorden would like to get in contact with border regions who have made similar experiences and to examine if maybe a common project on this subject could be developed (e. g. in the framework of Interreg Europe).

If you are interested in this initiative, we would kindly ask you to answer in brief the following two questions (preferably in English):

-           - Is there a cross border business park in your border region? If so, please let us have the name and contact details.

-           - Which problems and obstacles are known to you confronting this cross border business park?

Please send your feedback to the AEBR General Secretariat in Gronau (a.winkler@aebr.eu) as well as to Mrs. Eveline Simon from the municipality Coevorden (e.simon@coevorden.nl). We would kindly ask you to send your reply until 20th October at the latest.



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